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BrokerCargo is a rapidly growing licenced shipping-transport company.  We share solutions for transport and logistic in all EU countries.

Thanks to experienced,  creative and competent employees we provide You: reliability, professionalism and the highest service level.

We offer solutions for transport in the systems mentioned below:

  • express (groupage goods - under 1,5T) – in 24h among pick up and delivery.

  • optimized (full truck loads – under 24T) – loading/unlading negotiated with the contractor each time.



  • Busy do 1,5T; 8pal; 10pal
  • Medium 5,5T; 18pal
  • Jumbo tandem 20T; 38pal


  • monitoring gps
  • powierzchnia magazynowa
  • ADR
  • pojazdy wyposażone w rampy samozaładowcze